I specialise in helping low-volume/high-value manufacturers to reduce their costs by solving their big problems

Reducing costs by solving manufacturers’ big problems

I specialise in helping low-volume/high-value manufacturers located in the UK, to reduce their costs by solving their big problems that no one else has ever been able to solve. If you are a manufacturer and you are looking to reduce costs, eliminate waste and increase productivity - then I am your man! There may be a multitude of reasons why your manufacturing operation needs to reduce its costs. You may not understand all of the problems that exist that are contributing to your situation. It could be that you don’t know where to start or even where to look. Or you may know what to do, but for some reasons you are just not doing it; I will help you understand the problems and identify the appropriate solutions that provide organisations with lasting benefits.

I believe that improvements to long-term performance can be made through the application of Lean Principles and Operational Excellence Strategies. I will give you “real” and “lasting” value, so benefits continue to be realised long after the immediate project is completed.

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Our aim is to provide a tenfold return on investment

Owen really knows his stuff. We worked together for 4 years and he was our “go-to” person for all things Supply Chain related. He delivered significant tangible improvements in Operational and Supply Chain performance in multiple facilities throughout Europe. Owen has an excellent ability of building client relationships, making him a trustworthy business partner. He is detailed, thorough, data driven and a real pleasure to work with.

Paul Rudd

Caterpillar Production System Deployment Manager (Europe), Caterpillar Inc

Paul Rudd

Owen’s coaching and influencing skills helped us to align my organisation and recalibrate our manufacturing strategy by identifying our main opportunities. Quality was surely our burning platform, and thanks to Owen’s support, we successfully introduced a methodology to reduce defects in our processes and at our customers’ sites. Owen helped us to map our processes and advised us on the implementation methodology: we improved and sustained our as-delivered quality by 500% improvement in the first 12 months.

Laurent Delcher

Plant Manager, Caterpillar Work Tools (Europe)

I recommend Owen as a hands-on, go-see-act, production expert that has supported our facility on numerous occasions. He is applying his profound knowledge of automotive production systems also to lower volume businesses and it works very effectively with our teams. Either if it is data mining in ERP systems to improve material delivery schedules or running rapid improvement workshops on the shop-floor with production employees, Owen has brought real value to our business. I recommend Owen to every organisation that is looking to develop a Lean culture.

Norbert Auffarth

Facility Manager, Caterpillar Global Mining Division